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Our team's very special Casey

Congratulations to Casey and Carol! 2017 NAFA MVP Region 6!



CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Casey for being voted MVP 2017!   In 2015, the team agreed to nominate Casey as MVP but she did not win it that year.  We felt so strongly that Casey's career exemplified an MVP that we nominated her again in 2017.  The award comes on the heels of Casey's retirement announcement and as such, is a bittersweet celebration for her owner Carol Osterhaus.


Here is the write up for her nomination:

2017 nomination

We on the Blazin’ K9s team would like to nominate Casey as an MVP candidate.  Our team as a whole feels that Casey is a dog that epitomizes an MVP, so much so that we agreed for her to be on our team logo.  She is every bit an integral part of our team and is well known for her consistency in racing, dependability as backup, and her love for the game.  She will run for anyone and we often say she would run herself if she had to.  There is no doubt that Casey loves flyball; when getting ready to race we can hear her distinctive song that she sings.  Casey has been racing since 2007 and helped start three teams in the Phoenix area.  She is currently a Flyball Grand Champion and is approaching 45,000 racing points.  At 13 years old she still loves to race!  She has helped train new dogs, green dogs, new handlers,  and junior handlers.  She has also run on many other teams in the region.

Carol and Casey